✨World Alchemy Festival will extend till September 2023

infinite value has been instilled in a media object in which a new integrated economic model of significance shall be derived.

Please give generously to the open collective with your name, and you shall be rewarded with media gifts and early access to the perennial idea space and transcendent experiences, developed from the open world theatre in the new cultural ship of humanity.

World alchemy was successful in opening a portal to a new society and the activation process is well underway.

The portal shall be guarded by old and new magic and those who enter with commitment will be the first to see its fruits.

Act in the light of the sun with nature as your guiding hand.

Recognising normative consciousness at the intersection of man, machine and spirit.

A place of imagination and peak sense-making, bringing divine expression and transcendent technology into a catalyst space of manifestation, in the creative capital of the world. Opening the great portal to the beautiful future held in the perennial wisdom and idea space all of us feel.


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All contributions will be recognised and rewarded by the infinite game already underway. Artefacts of significance and future value shall be sent to those that leave their details in donations.

World Alchemy - Creative AI Residency - Open Collective

🗓Time Frame:

Residency: 11-30 May

Festival: 15-30 May

Singularity Festival**: Postponed till Aug/Sept 2023**

Creative Crucible Festival

Original date: 25-29 May (postponed for larger follow up festival see page here)